Straumann® Implants

Straumann ® implants offer an effective way to replace missing teeth. These medical-grade titanium implants are highly compatible with the body and have proven to last for many years. Straumann ® implants are one of the most popular types of implants in the world and restore full dental functionality.

Dental implants are a preferable alternative to other restorations, like dental bridges, because they do not require consistent replacement over their lifetime. Implants also enhance the smile aesthetically and feel exactly like natural teeth.

Here are some of the main benefits associated with dental implants:

  • Reduce bone loss

  • Do not compromise or affect adjacent teeth

  • Create stability and balance in the jaw

  • Can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth

  • Can be used to anchor partial or full dentures

How can Straumann ® dental implants help me?

Straumann ® dental implants differ from other brands in a variety of ways. Straumann ® has developed a unique technology that promotes faster healing and osseointegration (bone growth around the implant). These implants can also be of benefit for patients with problems related to bone density. Here are some of the main advantages associated with Straumann ® implants:

  • 99% success rate in patients with an otherwise healthy mouth

  • Hi-tech implant surface, which vastly reduces healing time

  • More than 3 million implants successfully placed

  • 30 years of clinical research and experience

  • Implant types suitable for reduced bone quality

What types of Straumann ® implants are available?

Straumann ® offers three main types of implants andeach type comes in a variety of sizes. Though many patients are suitable candidates for Straumann ® implants, different needs require different styles of implant. Here is a brief overview of the some different Straumann ® implants:

Straumann ® Standard Implants – These implants promote fast healing when placed through the gums and have the SLActive surface for quicker osseointegration.

Straumann ® Standard Plus Implants – These implants have been designed for semi-, trans-, and subgingival use in the anterior (front-facing) region of the mouth. They have the specialized SLActive surface and are designed for use where the teeth are most noticeable.

Straumann ® Tapered Effect Implants – These implants can be loaded immediately with a temporary prosthetic and have been developed specifically for early implantation.

How are Straumann ® dental implants placed?

Generally, Straumann ® implants require three dental visits. During the first visit, a plan will be constructed for the forthcoming procedures. To develop this plan, thorough examinations need to be performed, along with three-dimensional x-rays. These tools help your oral health professional to determine exactly where to place the implant to support the greatest possible benefit.

During the second visit, the implant is placed under local anesthetic. Your doctor makes an incision into gum tissue to expose the jawbone at the placement site. The Straumann ® implant is inserted into the bone by screwing or tapping.A cap is then placed on the top of the implant and the surgical site is sutured closed. In some methods, the implants can be placed directly through the gingival tissue, with no additional incisions needed.

After this visit, osseointegration occurs. This stabilizes the implant in the jawbone and usually takes 3-4 weeks, instead of many months with other types of implant. The third appointment is generally of shorter duration, where the custom-created dental crown or restoration is permanently placed. In certain cases, the restoration can be placed immediately with the implant on the second visit.

If you have any questions or concern about Straumann ® implants, please contact your oral health professional.


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